Is It Right To Differentiate Between Rape Victims: A Prostitute Who Screams Rape When Her Client Refuses To Pay And A Girl Just Walking Down The Street? I Would Find Myself More Sympathetic For The Latter. Am I Wrong To Say This?


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I think your perspective is to some extent worth consideration. A girl 'just walking down the street' and being raped is of course a pitiful event and our perspective should be 'empathetic' in this context rather than being 'sympathetic' towards her. As I believe, only sympathy may not be helpful for a rape victim, but if we can put ourselves in her place and could be able to feel how much it hurts, it may somehow aid the situation and the individual to achieve a positive direction. On the other hand, a prostitute is not a hated individual. In general, statistics say that in most of the cases, a female is compelled to select this profession. They do not come into this 'willingly'. Either they are sold into the area of prostitution when they are children or adolescents, or they may come from poor family backgrounds. So their entry in their professional regime is also not very desirable to them. Hence, if some customer of a prostitute does not pay and the prostitute asks for her payment by accusing him, it should also be considered from both ethical and legal perspectives.
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A lot of people think like you do.
I think that if a rape did happen, it's a really bad situation for anybody; it doesn't matter who you are and what you do for living.

But if someone cries rape(no matter who you are)and it's not true, that person should be held accountable for all the damage she's done because she can destroy the life of somebody for nothing.

If somebody is using the prostitute, they shouldn't treat her like a nobody because if they're going to her for whatever, they're not better than her. They should treat her right like they would like to be treated themselves.
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Prostitution is evil and absolutely filthy.I have just been reading the Bible and at the end of time all prostitutes are going to be flung into a pit of sulphur.(Revelations 17)

This is exactly what they, and men who use them, deserve.Its very difficult to say who is worse- a prostitute or a man who wants to use them.I wouldn't feel any pity for prostitutes, they are all wicked, and she doesn't deserve to be paid.The man who didn't pay her is also very wicked of course, but since the woman doesn't deserve it, I would not feel sorry for her at all.I would on the other hand feel very sorry for a poor innocent girl who was assaulted.people who assault others should be locked in a dirty jail cell for the rest of their lives.
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Polly Hinchliffe
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Jesus mixed with a prostitute didn't he. We've moved on alot in understanding and compassion, there but for the grace of God go I.
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I agree with Pollyh. They need help not condemnation. There are many reasons why men and women turn to prostitution and much of this is out of their control.
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I don't think this is a case of how a woman dresses or how a man interprets this. A woman has a right to wear what she wants and be free from the fear of attack.
Young women do dress in ways that might make their parents cringe but no matter how they dress no man has the right to think that this is a signal for sex. Most young men are used to seeing girls dressed like this and know that it's a fashion thing rather than anything else.

As for prostitution being evil, surely that's a matter of debate. Some women and men are forced into it by their circumstances and by others. In an ideal world it wouldn't happen. I don't think it's up to those of us who are more privileged to condemn those who aren't. I don't believe that Jesus would have condemned them; he would have had compassion.
Better to work towards making society a place where people don't need to prostitute themselves than to condemn things we have no experience of perhaps?
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Either way you really should have paid that girl.
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Rape is dreadful for anyone. If a prostitute is raped then that's equally as dreadful as for any other woman.
I think that you are differentiating between a woman who is attacked and raped and a woman who 'cries rape' when in fact she hasn't been raped and this is a false accusation. In this case surely the man who is wrongfully accused is a victim?
This isn't really a case of two different 'sorts of women' who are raped its two entirely different circumstances.
No woman whatever she is deserves to be raped.
No man who is innocent deserves to be accused.
If a prostitute is indeed raped then she deserves help and sympathy and protection under the law as does any woman in the same circumstances. The law and society shouldn't have different categories of women where rape is concerned.
The prostitute you use as an example hasn't in theory been raped as she agreed to sex. She has been done out of her payment and should have some way of making a client pay but in theory she hasn't been raped. You could say that she's been done out of money for a job she did but I'm not sure crying rape is the solution to this.
A difficult one to answer but I think the girl in the street is a different case altogether although the prostitute may feel she has been raped under the circumstances.
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patrick mc mullan
when our daughter goes out dressed in a very short skirt and skimpy top to a night club, and wears makeup and perfumes which those that advertise them as attractive to men, is she not sending out a powerful sexual message. and when drink is involved does that not intensify the message both to the sender and a young male. are women not aware that the clothes they wear and how they behave in them ,will attract males. i think so.! so like drink driving is dressing like this while intoxicated not an invitation to have sex.
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I don't think girls dress for men they dress for themselves. Most younger men don't take much notice as that's just the fashion these days.
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But would you not agree that when adverts showing women getting turned on with men wearing certain fragrances or clothing and vice versa, that the message is already given.If you want to get lucky wear brand x etcetera. to most teenagers they are more receptive to tv than to their elders.
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Discuss all the tings they feel and are going through. If you can manage to do this then you can quite possibly hel p guide them away from makingcareless mistakes like unsafe sex otherwise if you cant do this it is quite possible that at the age of 13 they could end up pregnant because they were too afraid and ashamed to come to you about sex questions because of the fact they thought you would hate them hurt them yeall at them or dispise them
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So that is enough from me i hope other parent are open minded enough to consider the opinions offered by a teen who has gone through and seen much though my years are not that many. Though truth be told this is my last year as a teen. Chuckles
patrick mc mullan
It may shock you to learn that i was a teenager once.

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