How to write a complaint letter to police on lost mobile?


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Losing your mobile phone is never a good experience and causes untold hassle and stress; I know as I've done it many times.

If you have lost your phone and it is your fault, i.e. Down to your own incompetence or negligence, your phone insurance will not usually cover you, so it is best to make sure you remember whether you lost it or it was stolen before reporting it to your mobile/cell phone provider.
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If your phone was stolen you can either visit or ring a local police station giving them all the details they require. If you prefer, you can write a letter to your local station making sure you cover everything that will be required. Below is an example of what I mean.
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Dear Sir,

I would like to report the theft of my mobile phone by persons unknown. My Sonyericsson 8510 was taken from my person at approximately 2235 on Sunday 01/01/2012. I was walking along Example Road, Example City at the time of the theft on my way to the bus station on Station Road.

As I passed a two young men one of them bumped into me, but I thought nothing of it. On my arrival at the bus station I reached for my phone to ring my wife to let her know what time I would return only to find my mobile phone missing from my jacket pocket. I then realized that I must have been pickpocketed by the two youths on Example Road. Please send me any relevant details such as crime numbers or such that may relate to this theft.

'A Victim'
Hope this helps; it has worked for me.

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