Why did the Green River Killer Gary Ridgeway kill all those prostitutes?


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According to some authors who've written about Green River Killer Gary Ridgeway, he once contracted a venereal disease from a prostitute. This event may have been the catalyst for Ridgway's powerful and malignant hatred of these women, who sell their bodies to men for money.

  • Night stalker

Ridgway often visited prostitutes - he was known to cruise the Seattle area after dark in his truck to seek out quick sexual encounters with strangers. Chances are, Ridgway's fascination with these ladies of the evening was mixed with a general disgust and hatred for women. When Ridgway was with a prostitute, he probably enjoyed fantasizing about having absolute power over her and taking what he wanted without needing to pay for it.

  • Mommy issues?

Most psychologists and psychiatrists who've worked with Gary Ridgway note the presence of a controlling, slightly bizarre mother, who held too much power over her son Gary's life and decision-making. Often, issues with a mother may result in repressed rage against women - this will surface later on, with terrible results. Basically, it's very hard to say exactly when a person like Gary Ridgway becomes who they are - however, there is evidence that Ridgway started his crimes very young by stabbing a boy in his neighbourhood.

There are a series of books written about this psychotic, evil man; one of the best is Anne Rule's non-fiction work, Green River, Running Red. If you want to learn about the childhood of this American serial killer, who terrorized women who already had their fair share of problems and challenges, check the true crime sections of libraries and bookstores for works written about Gary Ridgway. In general, most serial killers fall into the category of sociopaths, and sociopaths don't have consciences. They kill for excitement - it genuinely makes them happy, but it never does fill up the void inside of them, so they keep killing and killing, hoping for some release that is more long-lasting.

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