How do you challenge discrimination when communicating with individuals and service users. Give examples?


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Harold Raby answered
Morenike; Tough question, Most important to pick your battles. That is, don't start a battle if you can't win. If there is no point in the fight then stay out of it. Haveing said that. If you are dealing with a 'person', gather evidence and go to that person's boss. There nothing you can do that will change that person in any way. But his boss can. Everything in writing and keep a copy. If you are dealing with a company then use thier customer support site. In both case's, be polite, use good english, no cussing, Be reasonable. I spent most of my life in public service and when someone starts yelling and cussing, my ears just closed. I will and have talked for hours with a cool, calm, and reasonable person, but NEVER a loud or violent one. Stay cool, Stay nice. Good Luck
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Arthur Wright answered
Either right out in the open or just ignore it knowing its out here and that there is little you can dop about it anyway

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