Did rick scott change florida's gain time?


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According to online sources, Rick Scott has not yet made any amendments to Florida's gain time laws. Gain time in Florida still stands at 85%.

  • What is gain time?

Gain time is a legal term, which is used to refer to the time a prisoner can have taken off their sentence. Gain time is awarded for "good behavior", and can be awarded as a result of participating in positive activities such as attending school. Just as gain time can be awarded, the right to gain time, or any gain time which has been awarded previously, can be taken away for disruptive or negative behavior such as violence.

The maximum amount of gain time an inmate in a Florida prison can receive is 85% - so, for example, if their sentence was equal to a total of 12 months in prison, they could receive a whopping 10.2 months off of their original sentence - meaning they would only spend 1.8 months in prison.

Gain time is a cause for much controversy and debate. Many people feel that prisoners should serve their full sentence in prison, regardless of whether or not they exhibit good behavior whilst in prison. However, others disagree, saying that prisons should be reserved for the most terrible criminals, and that good behavior is worth rewarding.

  • Who is Rick Scott?

Rick Scott is an American politician. He is currently the Governor of Florida, a post he has held since the 2010 Florida Gubernatorial Election. Many people look favorably upon Scott because of his service in the United States Navy.

However, many other people are wary of Rick Scott, or dislike him outright, because of his involvement in a number of scams with the American aid service Medicaid. The scams resulted in Rick Scott and his company at the time, Columbia/HCA ( a medical company), owing the US government a total of $600 billion.
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Dude you have it backwards =( Gain time is 10 days per month. An inmate has to COMPLETE 85% of their sentence. The gain time earned CANNOT exceed the 85%. To put it in perspective for you = 10yr sentence, 85% mandatory = Must complete 8.5yrs. Gain time is 1.5 yrs ONLY. If the original 10 days per month were used it would mean that the inmate would get a total of 1200 days gain time (3.3yrs) and would only complete 6.7yrs of the sentence which would not comply with the 85% mandatory. Do you understand now?

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