Why Does Religious Discrimination Exist?


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That is a darn good question,and why does discrimination exist period in anything,my answer would be it is the mind set of the people and the leader to lead the people to think in a box type fashion and never deviate from what they have been told,never use your own mind and think outside the box,that is one reason why each of us should have our own personal relationship with God it is nice for someone to pray for you but they can't do it better than you can because God would like to hear from you,just you and him,you don't need a crowd,it is nice to worship from time to time with a congregation because the more prayers go up the more blessings come down,but to think your religion it the know all and end all religion,it not how God would want it,each time you research anyone's religion you will find god to be in the image of the person to whom the religion belongs...good luck  
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Because most religious texts and traditions claim their religion is the only true religion, the only way to salvation, the only way to god, all others are wrong, all others are evil, all followers of other religions are doomed. With that kind of thinking there isn't much room for compassion.
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When Jesus came to earth he did not come to do his own will but the will of his father's so if everybody followed Jesus example and followed his father there would only be one true religion. Because Jesus was our example. He taught the truth, he showed us the way to his father... The bible.. And prayer.... So that if we follow his example it would lead us to salvation.
God doesn't change and neither does the bible.

People change. That's why there are so many different religions. To accommodate acceptance and tolerance of people. Everything that's acceptable by men is not acceptable and tolerated by God
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People just like to argue and prove each other wrong. For me, it's better to accept that someone believes a theory that's not for you, and just accept it. When I started learning astrology, leo and gemini compatibility and so on, I stumbled upon a lot of hate, but I didn't really care because for me, it was a great way of finding guidance, and for others, religion is the best for that.

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