Is Chloroform Detectable In Autopsies?


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Yes, chloroform can be detected in autopsies.

The chemical can be located using chromatographic/mass spectrometric analysis and is usually found in the blood and bodily tissue, and if used heavily, the heart, lungs and liver. However, chloroform also passes through the body quite quickly, so very limited use prior to death may pass unnoticed. 

Chloroform Can Also be Smelled on the Body 

An autopsy is carried out by a medical expert known as a pathologist, who may not even need to carry out an internal examination of the body before suspecting the use of chloroform. By pressing down on the chest of the body, and inhaling near the mouth and nose, a pathologist may be able to smell chloroform. For more details on the history of chloroform, check out this book.

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