Who Do We Adress The Cheque To When Sending Off For A Provisional Licence?


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When applying for a provisional licence you should make the cheque out to DVLA. It should then be sent with all other appropriate documentation to DVLA Swansea, SA99 1AD.
It is important to note that the cheque and the application form is not all you need to be able to learn to drive !
You need to enclose a photograph and have some original documentation which can prove your identity. The photo will be shown on your driving licence. This has to be signed by someone who can vouch for your identity.
It can take up to three weeks for the licence to come through the post.
Due to the complexity of the documentation which is now required, the Post Office can offer a premium checking service whereby they can check that you have provided all the correct information and fee before you send it off. This costs £4 in addition to the £38 for the licence.

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