How Much Does The Average Apartment Cost In New Zealand?


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Julii Brainard answered
In Auckland you're looking at paying over $250,000 ( on average, New Zealand dollars, or about GB £88,000).

Prices outside of Auckland are lower. Nationally, the average 2 bed flat in NZ costs (as of September 2006) less than $200,000 (£70,000). Most sources reckon that the general cost of living is also lower in NZ than in Britain.

The property markets in NZ have risen sharply in recent years, pricing many natives out. So there's a bit of sharp feeling at the moment, when relatively more wealthy Brits emigrate in or just decide to invest in NZ property, and thereby put up property prices. Apartment living itself is on the increase in NZ, as rising prices prevent many people from buying the larger homes they might have preferred.

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