What Happens At An Arraignment For Controlled Substance?


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An arraignment is just a procedure where you are officially charged with the crime that the state intends to prosecute you on.  You enter a plea at this stage (not guilty) always not guilty and then you are asked if you have legal representation. If not the court will appoint one to you (public defender aka public pretender) .  Depending on the amount of drugs and State you are in a first offense will usually end in a suspended sentence with probation.  Know the law before you start breaking the law.  It's not what they know it's what they can prove.  If you can beat the case then fight it.  What were the circumstances and when relaying your story over the net try to speak hypothetically, for example:  "Hypothetically speaking if someone was pulled over and the cops found a controlled substance..." get it?  Not you but someone else.  The burden of proof is on the prosecution, in other words it is their duty to prove you are guilty not your duty to prove you are innocent.  If any of your constitutional rights were violated, then I would seriously consider challenging their allegations.  But most definitely consult with a legal representative before making any decisions and don't be dumb.  If they got you, then take a deal if it is offered.
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If you are looking at any jail time I would definitely look into getting an attorney.  If you can't afford one and are looking at jail time then the court can appoint you one for free usually depending on your income.  An attorney can help lessen your charge if you have never been in trouble like you stated before.  I suggest getting one.  Or at least talking to one before your court date to see what he/she suggests.  Good luck.

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