Who Are The Professional Members Of The Courtroom Work Group And What Are Their Roles?


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The professional members of the courtroom work group are:
  • the judge
  • the defense counsel
  • the prosecution.
The three sets of people work together more than people may think. This is because a lot of cases are settled without the need for a trial to take place.
The opposing sides can stay reasonably friendly in these cases, as the caseloads can be shared effectively. The judge has to remain impartial, but can work with both sides to ensure that certain cases are resolved speedily, and satisfactorily.
As well as the three members previously mentioned there are further members of the courtroom work group, and these are:
  • Bailiff of the court
  • Clerk of the court
  • Court reporter
All the above people actually have a decent relationship in most courtrooms, and although a professional approach is required at all times, the fact that they are referred to as a work group, probably best sums the relationships up. They can be friendly, but they all realize that they all need to perform certain tasks to the best of their ability.

The judge's role in the courtroom is to make a decision for or against the defendant in terms of punishment if found guilty by a jury.

The defense counsel needs to be able to put the best case possible forward to the judge and the jury.

The role of the prosecution is to put forward the best case they possibly can against the defendant.
The bailiff of the court is responsible for ensuring that peace and calm is kept in the court at all times, and that those present observe the events in a quiet and polite manner.
The clerk of the court is responsible for keeping the records in the courtroom, as well as swearing witnesses in.
The court reporter is the person in the courtroom who is responsible for writing what is said down, and they will normally do this using shorthand.

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