Why Is It Important For Global Business To Have ISO 9000 Certificates?


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ISO 9000 is the name of a family of international standards which defines a Quality Assurance (QA) System. The standard authorizes that a company define appropriate quality standards, document its processes and prove that it consistently adheres to both. It is a non-prescriptive standard and does not specify how QA processes must occur.

ISO 9000 standards are required to enter many countries. Many corporations see ISO 9000 Certification as an essential requirement for conducting business with a new vendor.

For customers, certification of suppliers to ISO standards means that they can be assured that the development of their products and services are compliant to reference documents that are globally accepted.

Customers perceive that companies implementing ISO 9000 certification have efficient business processes, reductions in waste, and improved product quality. This means that customers and suppliers are able to compete in markets around the world. In other words, customers can expect superior quality products and services and at a competitive price.

Many companies that are ISO 9000 certified found that demand for their products and services has increased internationally as well as in the domestic market.
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ISO 9000 is a part of the family of ISO standards for quality management systems. ISO stands for the International Organisation for Standardisation. It is important for global business to have ISO 9000 certificates in order to lend credibility to the organisation. Most businesses opt for an ISO 9000 either to be qualified for a tender or else to attain preferred supplier status.
There are other benefits like improved internal working, higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, competitive advantage and enhanced status. ISO 9000 has also been designed such that it is compatible with management system standards like ISO 14001 (Environmental), and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety). While an ISO 9000 certification does not guarantee consumers that the quality of the end products and services, it does certify that consistent business processes are employed.
The ISO 9000 certification consists of a series of international standards which offers quality management guidance. It also identifies quality system elements. It stemmed from the British Standards Institution's system BS 5750. The ISO 9000 standards are preserved by ISO while accreditation and certification bodies administer it.

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