How Do I Find A Free Mug Shot Of Me Or Any One Else?


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One website at which you can find free mug shots is
A mug shot is a photograph taken for identification purposes by the police of a person who has been arrested. One photograph is taken from the front and another in profile.
The word ‘mug’ is a derogatory slang term for face, so a mug shot is a photograph of the face.
A mug shot of a celebrity who has been arrested is often of great interest to newspapers who are legally allowed to print it as they are officially in the public domain in the USA. Notable celebrity mug shots include Hugh Grant, Amy Winehouse and Paris Hilton.
There was worldwide media attention when Sherrif Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, launched ‘Mugshot of the Day’, where visitors to the site could vote for their favourite mug shot from the people arrested that day. You are able to view these mug shots on
Another easy way to view free mug shots is to go onto a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Ask and type ‘Mug Shot’ into the search bar. It will then provide you with a number of websites where you can view mug shots. Alternatively, if the search engine has an ‘Images’ option, you can simply click on that, type ‘Mug Shots’ into the search bar and it will provide you with a number of mug shot images.
If you are searching for your own personal mug shot, one option is to go to the police station at which your photograph was taken to see whether they would provide you with a copy of your mug shot. Alternatively, you could type ‘Mug Shot’ and your name into a search engine and see if your mug shot is online already and free to view.
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According to my knowledge Mug shots are not available online or for free because it is a matter of public record. The mug shots are on files which have a restricted access and are in police custody.

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I know that there is a website for Arizona by Sheriff Joe Arpio but I don't know of any for other states.

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