How Can I Redeem A 1911 Postal Savings System Certificate Of Deposit?


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On July
13, 1984, P.L. 98-359, the "Postal Savings System Statute of
Limitations Act
," became law. It
established a one-year limitation on the
filing of claims for unpaid accounts formerly
maintained in the Postal Savings System. The
law did not provide for any exceptions. The
Treasury Department attempted to notify all
depositors by letter about the limitations
for filing claims. 

Postal Service since then has destroyed all records. So it is impossible to verify any claims now. Possession of a Postal Savings
System certificate does not necessarily
support a claim. This is because the Postal
Service paid many claims based on
certification by the depositor that the
certificate was lost, misplaced, or
destroyed, and they received no previous
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Thanks for the information, even though disappointing. However, I suspect we can look for a collector who might like it.

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