What Is The Purpose Of A Wedding?


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I think the reason for marriage is to completely give yourself to the person who you love and cherish. It's to a level where you're ready to spend the rest of your life with them, and well, share your life with them. To be in their presence most of the time and to enjoy a happy life with each other.
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A wedding is different then dating because you are making a promise and commitment that you will love and be together forever. Dating is dating and not a promise
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The purpose of a wedding is so that everybody not in the relationship can see that these to people are together. The purpose for a marriage is to combine two people as one. Marriage has been around forever just in different forms the wedding on the other hand is a retail stores idea to make money off of two peoples happiness. Answer this If two people love each other will they love each other any less if they don't walk down the aisle?
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It signifies love between man and woman, who want to share it with family and friends
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To celebrate the union of 2 people into a lifetime Relationship, beginning a new life and family. It is supposed to be a high pt. In a persons development.
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Sex is need for every normal man and women and they fulfill this from marriage and two person share their love and thoughts with each other and it started since this world came into existence.

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