Is It Legal To Grow Papaver Somniferum In Washington State?


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Yes it is legal to grow Papaver Somniferum in Washington State.
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As long as you are not harvesting it .its nice to look at makes a hell of a tea but why drink something that makes you want to sleep all day ?
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What is the common everyday name of this plant? Oh! Opium...why would you want something that is poisonous if swallowed could end up injuring or killing someone you don't even know....I don't even pretend to know if this is illegal to grow in the united states and I don't intend to find out....later
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I sell seeds as well and so does lowes and how depot and the local grocery store , but I'm still not sure this is what another seedsales person told me

Thank-you for the email.
I have never heard of anyplace in the US that growing papaver would be illegal.
It is my understanding that the legality depends on 'why' you are growing them.
I sell these seeds strictly for beautification and the decorative and cooking aspects of them.
Hope this helps...
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and here's the federal law" Note federal law isn't always enforced by local law enforcement"
Schedule 2 " same as Cocaine and other horrible things!!"
Opium poppy 9650 Papaver somniferum
Poppy Straw 9650 Opium poppy capsules, poppy heads
"Note you can legally buy Opium poppy capsules, poppy heads on eBay"
So I'm very confused about it all

find out anything about growing it legally in missouri let me know
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Opium is not a poison. It is a narcotic analgesic pain reviler. The morphine and codeine in opium and the opium itself is used in thousands of prescription pain meds. If you take more than recommended you could die from respritory falior, but in the prescribed dose it is not a poison. Just like sleeping pills are not poisonous, but if you take more than what is recommended you could die also. Papaver somniferum is probably the most important plant discovered because of the pain relieving properties in the opium, great for the terminally ill who want to spend their last days pain free. An example of a poison would be Arsenic which in any dose can kill you.

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