Who Can Certify A Death?


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The person who is responsible for certifying a death will vary from country to country.

In most cases, there are two steps to registering a death:

  • There will be an initial medical document detailing a persons death. This needs to be signed by a medical professional .
  • Then the death can be entered into a death register by a registrar.
Who certifies deaths? The law regarding registering death will depend on the country you are in.

In the UK, a doctor would need to register the death of a patient (whether in a hospital or elsewhere) as a Medical Certificate of Death.

Because of the Harold Shipman case (where a doctor was caught falsifying death records), the medical professional who signs off someone's death needs to be independent from the deceased (i.e. Not their doctor or familiar).

Who is responsible for registering a death?
A GP (General Practitioner) will then make a more formal registry of death at a later date (possibly at the funeral home caring for the deceased).

If the GP has any questions or uncertainties, he may want to escalate the matter to a coroner.

In the US, a death certificate is held in the public domain - meaning that anyone can access information about someone who has died.

This is not the case in all countries.

If you're interested in finding out more about certifying a death, I would recommend speaking to a healthcare professional in your local area.
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A hospital which has witnessed the death of person or any official or registrar who can certify death of person by authenticating that a person died on specific place, date and due to specific reason.
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A physician must sign a death certificate, other certified individuals can pronounce death, but the MD has to sign the death certificate.

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