How Is Bill Become A Law In The Philippines?


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Anyone can get the process of turning a bill into a law started, whether they are magnates of industry or grass-roots activists from poor rural areas; however, in the Philippines, there will come a point in time when a bill needs to be introduced to the Congress through an official Member of Congress.

  • Anyone can start a bill

This means that the common people can request changes in legislation and lobby for these changes; however, if they are successful in garnering interest, they must have their proposed bill brought into Congress by an official member of the legislature. Once the bill has been introduced, it must be debated, and then approved or disapproved by the Congress' standing committee(s). Like most legislatures, voting in of a bill will always be done according to the strictest adherence to rules and regulations.

  • Philippines facts

This Southeast Asian archipelago is a primarily Catholic region, where strong family values are prized. Large families are common, and different generations of family members may live together in one home. The value system of the Philippines is often centered on Christian religion, and this may include regular church attendance and an emphasis on purity, chastity, and service to others. While every person living in the Philippines is not a Christian Catholic, many, many Filipino people are...

Learning more about the politics and culture of the Philippines is a crucial way to understand the history and current status of the region. Social progress and justice in the Philippines has evolved over time, and the area has become more democratic. Taking a course in political science or reading a book on the political history of the Philippines will be a great way to discover more about the country and its people. This area is also a wonderful place to visit or live.

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