What Is Smuggling?


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Smuggling is a dangerous social evil that is quite widespread now. It simply means bringing things or different kind from other countries illegally, secretly and against the rules of the customs. It also means taking things out of the countries illegally without paying taxes on them.

We have, many of our markets, smuggled goods where expensive foreign watches, pens, cloths, tape recorders, TVs, watches crockery of other articles of daily use are sold. Smugglers bring these things into the markets illegally without paying any taxes to the government in the same way precious; metals like gold and silver and drugs like heroin and opium are smuggled out of the country secretly and illegally.

Smuggling is harmful to any country. Firstly the country loses a lot of money by way of unpaid taxes and duties when good are smuggled in or out .Secondly the industries of country are very affected when foreign goods are sold at cheaper prices. Thirdly those goods can be smuggled that are harmful to the country. Fourthly banned goods are smuggled out to other countries against their laws.

We should take necessary steps to check and stop smuggling. First of all we should ask the people not to buy smuggled goods. Secondly we should develop industry and trade inside the country so that most of the goods of daily use are produced inside country. Thirdly we should take care of quality of products produced inside the country. Fourthly we should punish smugglers heavily so that smuggling of drugs and other goods can be stopped.
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Smuggling is also called trafficking. It is an illegal transport across a border. Smuggling is done to avoid taxes or the goods themselves are against the law for unlicensed possession; or people are gone to a place where they are not permitted.There are different things that are smuggled for finding a large number of profits.

Smuggling is an illegal transport of goods and human being. It is a big crime. Drug, people and weapons are smuggled from one place to other. Actually transportation of things is called smuggling when things are transported across the border without the permission of government.

Drug smuggling is against the law similarly the smuggling of gunrunning weapons and smuggling of historical staples is illegal. Some people smuggled alcohol, tobacco for widespread. The increment included in smuggling things appears to be great. It has been measured that if in united state a cigarettes truck leads to the income of 2 Million Dollars.
Similarly some people wants to migrate form their country and for this purpose they take the services of smuggler. It is estimated that almost 90% people cross the border in illegal way in the way of Mexico and United state. These people pay for this purpose to the smuggler.

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