What Happens If You Drive Uninsured, Or Without An Up-to-date MOT?


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What would be the result of me driving a car which I wasn't aware run out of insurance and I'm a second driver on her policy
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If a driver gets caught driving without motor insurance, these things happen (current in 2006):

An IN10 conviction gets imposed,
Minimum 6 penalty points added to the driving license of the offender,
In some parts of the UK, the car may be seized and destroyed,
Disqualification from driving may occur,
A fixed penalty (on-the-spot fine) of 200 may be imposed, else a similar-amount fine will be imposed later. In theory, a fine of up to 5000 may be imposed.

If the driver has had their license for less than two years, they are automatically disqualified from driving and have to re-sit the driving exam in order to get another driving license.

Proposed legislation is that the owner of vehicle may also be found culpable, so if an uninsured teenager is driving mum's car, it's mum's fault if he's uninsured.

Driving without an up-to-date MOT certificate is a lesser infraction, but you could still be fined up to 1000 and might have points added onto your license. The penalty for this depends partly on how un-roadworthy the vehicle is when the violation is discovered.

Keep in mind, if your MOT certificate is out of date, your car insurance policy is probably invalid, too.
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Never had a license and got caught driving marion county florida what can happen

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