What Is/was The Worst Form Of Torture/torture Device?


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Probably the "Judas Cradle".

This is NOT a nice way to go... The Judas Cradle is a medieval torture where the victim would be placed on top of a pyramid-like seat. The victim's feet were tied to each other in a way that moving one leg would force the other to move as well - increasing pain.

The triangular-shaped end of the Judas Cradle was inserted in the victim's anus or vag!na (apparently Blurtit considers the medical term for the female genitalia a "bad word", I had to edit this). This torture could last, depending on some factors discussed below, anywhere from a few hours to complete days.

Runner up would be the "crocodile tube".

Again, not nice, but oh so slightly better? The crocodile tube wasn't common, but it was used to kill many infidels and thieves. The victim was fixed inside a tube just big enough for the victim's entrance. The tube, having crocodile teeth-like spikes, was slowly compressed leaving the victim totally immobilized. The torturer could only see his face and feet.

With the help of fire underneath the tube, the torturer gradually heated the tube until he extracted a confession or killed the victim. The former was most common, as this is one of the cruelest and most painful tortures ever used on human beings.

With the face and feet exposed, the torturer was able to inflict painful wounds on the victim. Facial mutilation and toe ripping were preferred choices.

...Either that or the "pear of anguish"... Ill let you Google that one.
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The 5 minute rule strikes again. Tried to edit this in but ran out of time.

RE: Judas Cradle - The time it took someone to die varied enormously from individual to individual. Torturers would sometimes add weight to the victim's legs as to increase pain and hurry the victim's death. Other torturers would place oil on the device which increased pain & the speed of death considerably.
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Yikes... I've heard about the Pear before. The other two were new to me though. That crocodile tube sounds a bit like the Brazen Bull, just swapping eerie death-music for regular old screams. Good info.
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I was going to list the brazen bull, however its use is somewhat cloudy (as in it was built but we don't really know for sure if it was used contrary to the mythology surrounding it regarding it's creator)... Plus I would find that the addition of the "teeth", and the inability to move (not to mention the face/foot mutilation) puts the tube up and over the bull in any respect.
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I been in harris co. Jail in Houston TX for some crap, but it's not the jail or the sheriff deputies, it's the outrageous nut cases that will make you go mad and insane.

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Would being held captive with no food and water be the worst kind of torture?

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