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Nelson Hart from Newfoundland, Canada is a man best known for the double-murder of his twin daughters in 2002.

The aspect of the murder case that makes his story unique is the detection methods that Canadian detectives used to convict Hart.

Newfoundland Killer: Nelson Hart

On the 28th of March, 2007 Nelson Hart was convicted of murdering his twin daughters, a crime he committed 5 years earlier.

Nelson lived with his wife Jennifer and his twin daughters Karen and Krista in a very isolated town called Grand Falls-Windsor in Newfoundland, Canada.

The Hart Family's Financial Woes

The family were suffering serious financial problems and a social worker by the name of Tammy Leonard was assigned to them for social assistance.

At the time of the murders, social services had been considering removing the children from the custody of the parents (due to their financial situation).

Following a period of homelessness, the Harts then moved into the house of Jennifer's parents - but, in June of the year 2002, the Harts were once again homeless, and the possibility of removing the children was again reviewed by the social services.

The Murder of Karen and Krista Hart

On the 4th of August 2002, Nelson Hart visited an area called Little Harbor on Gander Lake. He brought with him his two twin daughters.

After several hours at the lake, Nelson returned home in a panic, claiming that one his daughters had fallen into the lake.

When police arrived on the scene Karen was already dead and Krista was unconscious. She was put on life support at the hospital but was taken off it the next day.

The conviction of Nelson Hart

At first, it was very difficult for detectives to find any evidence that incriminated Nelson - so, in an elaborate attempt to extract a confession from him, detectives went undercover, posing as an underground criminal gang.

Hart was recruited to make deliveries for the gang, and over a period of four months he began to trust and confide in his fellow gang members.

Eventually, an undercover officer wearing a hidden video camera asked Hart about the murder of his daughters as a test of his loyalty to the gang.

He was filmed confessing to the murders, which he described in great detail. This evidence was enough to secure his conviction.
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Nelson Hart was born in 1968 in Newfoundland, Canada. He was a proved guilty on 28 March 2007 of the murder of his twin daughter on 2002.

Hart took his daughter to a near by place of Little harbor on Gander Lake on 4 August 2002, but returned home saying that his daughter Krista had fallen in the lake.

He went back to get help and by the time police came Karen had died and his other daughter Krista was unconscious. And the very next day she died too.

Hart lived with his wife, Jennifer and the twins, in a small town of Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, Canada. Tammy Leonard stated that he was having some financial problems.

There was consideration on the topic of moving the children away from the family before they moved in with Jennifer Hart's father. The family was homeless again in 2002 and the consideration of the removal of their children was again considered.

The family was continuously visited by a new social worker, Carolyn Chard, while they were living in an apartment, and she noticed that Hart did not like the idea of her visits. At that time, no social worker could have made out that he had caused any damage to his children.
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Nelson Hart was living in Gander, Newfoundland, not Grand Falls as mentioned in above article!

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